About us

Kabaha Ltd. (Kabaha Kft.) manufactures and sells self-designed orthopedic shoes for women, men and children in standard and unique designs

Born with the intuition and expertise of owner István György Molnár, the company has always focused on innovation and the production and development of unique, custom-made orthopedic shoes that provide the best solution for many orthopedic cases.

Kabaha Ltd. (Kabaha Kft.) is constantly investing in technology development aimed at the design and production of the most optimal and healthiest orthopedic shoes in the Hungarian and international markets.

Kabaha Ltd

All of our employees are committed to building a common future in a constantly changing world where we can widely apply innovation values in the design and manufacture of our orthopedic shoes. Kabaha Ltd. (Kabaha Kft.) custom-made orthopedic shoes provide consistently reliable quality in the field of patient care. Our staff strives to meet the needs of clients in need of orthopedic shoes, regardless of their age.

Our orthopedic shoes are designed for those who place great emphasis on appearance in addition to foot health.

Our team

  • Zsuzsanna Hajnóczy
    Zsuzsanna Hajnóczy
  • Julianna Sechel
    Julianna Sechel
  • Erika Molnár Zsoldosné
    Erika Molnár Zsoldosné
  • Ottóné Chrén
    Ottóné Chrén
  • Csaba Varga
    Csaba Varga
  • László Adamkó
    László Adamkó
  • Mária Juhász Borbásné
    Mária Juhász Borbásné
  • Zoltán Kosina
    Zoltán Kosina
  • Zoltán Istvánné Kosina
    Zoltán Istvánné Kosina
  • Éva Czifráné Csiky
    Éva Czifráné Csiky

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